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I have worked with (Interactive White Boards) IWB’s before and I am not that big of a fan of them.  They have there ups and downs, they can make teaching a lot more easer, but is easer good for the students?  I feel that IWB’s make the class less personal and does not provide a good teaching environment.  I believe a classroom should be as unique as the teacher, looking at the Promethean Planet website there is lots of lesson plains and activities for the IWB’s but this is someone else’s lesson plain, I would like to create my own add some fun to the class.  Plus when you doing an activity in the class can the students use it?  Can all the students use it at the same time?  No, so what is the propose of the Promethean Planet website downloading activities if students can work the IWB.    

            I teach art, so I really no use for an interactive white board.  If I did have one I would show examples on how to draw, that would be boring for my students. In art I have to supervise everyone art individually, so there is no use for an IWB.  This goes for every other class as well.  There also of problems of it being to expensive.  It very ironic the schools lay off teachers for more money then spend it on IWB that never get use in the classroom.  It’s almost like the school is trying to look better than the other schools by showing all the latest technology they have.  Here is some websites that have great issues having IWB’s in the classroom. 1.            2.   3.


It’s hard to think of using technology in art classes but if I really think about it I can.  In the reading the six goals I want to use 4 my first year of teaching is: 1. Facilitate and inspire student learning and creativity.  Students will use technology even in an art class ether by bloging with other artist or classmates to share and support creative ideas.  2. Design and develop digital-age learning experiences and assessments.  Art in the classroom today is very shy of technology when the art involves many technology media.  If student can use technology media like graphic design, animation, and 3d arts.  3.  General preparation performance profile.  I feel I a lot to give to the students I worked through many professional companies one of them Disney, my art has been in galleries and many other things so I feel that I can provide students beyond the classroom setting. 4. Professional education performance profile.  The work they would be very professional in not only what I am looking for but what the professional world would look for.  For example teaching them digital portfolios that can teach how to make them and can be used in the art profession.  5.  Productivity and professional practice. Even I as a teacher should use technology to stay connected with students and parents.  Also I know many connections in jobs, and galleries in the art field where students can be involved.  Teacher blogs too, where I can get some ideas and share to help improve my teaching environment.   6.  Implement procedures consistent with district and school policies that protect the privacy and security of student data and information.  If student are working with technology in any classroom they should be taught the dangers and security for the technology they are using.  For example in my class their art being stolen through cyberspace and using copyrights.

Tour the Blogoshere

Going through the teacher blog sites, and I definitely going back to check these sites.  My personal favored site is coolcatteacher and What I like about these sites teachers can share valuable information.  Unlike other sites where people can put random things these teacher site stay professional.  It also speads teaching ideas across the world, who knows what the future holds in teaching tecnology.

social media

Social Media is changeing, but just like anything it has its ups and downs.  I would say it is useful for example right now im useing social media for school work and busness, and I think thats all it should be used for.  The down side people tend to get lazy and abuse this social media for things that are not important.  As a teacher it is very useful for student and teachers for work or information about assigments. I found this website, it look interesting for my group project, I will see if I can find other sites.

Class update week 3

So far in class I have learned alot in the past three weeks.  I can see how important learning tecnology can help students in the class room.  The only thing I don’t like acout the class is joining all these web sites.  I do see the perpouse of them and they do provide lots of great way to provide the students.

My first blog post!

An amazing way to use photoshop to color pictures.  I use youtube all the time for my photoshop needs.

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