I have worked with (Interactive White Boards) IWB’s before and I am not that big of a fan of them.  They have there ups and downs, they can make teaching a lot more easer, but is easer good for the students?  I feel that IWB’s make the class less personal and does not provide a good teaching environment.  I believe a classroom should be as unique as the teacher, looking at the Promethean Planet website there is lots of lesson plains and activities for the IWB’s but this is someone else’s lesson plain, I would like to create my own add some fun to the class.  Plus when you doing an activity in the class can the students use it?  Can all the students use it at the same time?  No, so what is the propose of the Promethean Planet website downloading activities if students can work the IWB.    

            I teach art, so I really no use for an interactive white board.  If I did have one I would show examples on how to draw, that would be boring for my students. In art I have to supervise everyone art individually, so there is no use for an IWB.  This goes for every other class as well.  There also of problems of it being to expensive.  It very ironic the schools lay off teachers for more money then spend it on IWB that never get use in the classroom.  It’s almost like the school is trying to look better than the other schools by showing all the latest technology they have.  Here is some websites that have great issues having IWB’s in the classroom. 1.   http://chrisbetcher.com/2010/07/iwbs-are-no-silver-bullet/            2.    http://www.ictsteps.com/2011/05/switching-off-the-interactive-white-board-for-good/   3.     http://www.slideshare.net/betchaboy/why-iwbs