It’s hard to think of using technology in art classes but if I really think about it I can.  In the reading the six goals I want to use 4 my first year of teaching is: 1. Facilitate and inspire student learning and creativity.  Students will use technology even in an art class ether by bloging with other artist or classmates to share and support creative ideas.  2. Design and develop digital-age learning experiences and assessments.  Art in the classroom today is very shy of technology when the art involves many technology media.  If student can use technology media like graphic design, animation, and 3d arts.  3.  General preparation performance profile.  I feel I a lot to give to the students I worked through many professional companies one of them Disney, my art has been in galleries and many other things so I feel that I can provide students beyond the classroom setting. 4. Professional education performance profile.  The work they would be very professional in not only what I am looking for but what the professional world would look for.  For example teaching them digital portfolios that can teach how to make them and can be used in the art profession.  5.  Productivity and professional practice. Even I as a teacher should use technology to stay connected with students and parents.  Also I know many connections in jobs, and galleries in the art field where students can be involved.  Teacher blogs too, where I can get some ideas and share to help improve my teaching environment.   6.  Implement procedures consistent with district and school policies that protect the privacy and security of student data and information.  If student are working with technology in any classroom they should be taught the dangers and security for the technology they are using.  For example in my class their art being stolen through cyberspace and using copyrights.